Tampa International Airport Restroom, On Its Way to Fame

What does $4 million-plus in restroom renovations buy you? If you’re officials of Tampa International Airport, the answer could be a place in Cintas’ Bathroom Hall of Fame. Cintas Corp. is in the midst of its 12th annual America’s Best Restroom contest, and Tampa International is one of 10 contest finalists, vying against the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York, among others. You can go to bestrestroom.com to vote through Oct. 31. The winner gets inducted (or perhaps given a throne). In all seriousness, this is real business.

According to an online survey, 87 percent of responding passengers indicated they noticed the upgrades in the 20 airport terminal bathrooms, such as stainless steel plumbing fixtures and stalls, quartz countertops and porcelain tiles. The highlight of each restroom is a wall-size mural with a photographic print floating between two panes of glass, depicting native Florida scenes. There are even new LED light fixtures—for easy reading. The renovations were part of a $30 million main terminal modernization project.

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