Orlando Tech Community Continues to Grow with Starter Studio’s Second Class

Orlando’s first demo day was held Nov. 13, 2013, by the city’s first tech accelerator, Starter Studio and attended by more than 250 Orlando techies. For a city whose technology industry creates an economic impact of $14 billion, its first demo day was full of excitement for the future, as well as the six businesses graduating from the accelerator.

Three months later Starter Studio is ready to launch its second class of tech startups. Founder and champion of Starter Studio, Gregg Pollack, is calling on the Orlando community to help support this class with a KickStarter campaign to cover basic costs, including rent, basic amenities and event costs with stretch goals to assist startups in marketing efforts.  As of the posting of this article the KickStarter campaign has attracted 38 backers and $4,650 pledged to its goal with 23 days left.

“Tech startups outside of Silicon Valley are naturally at a disadvantage,” said Pollack. “This is why cities like Orlando are constantly losing some of their top talent (often referred to as “Brain Drain”).  Tech accelerators like Starter Studio can even out the playing field, giving tech startups the connections, resources and publicity they need to succeed in cities like ours.”

Applications are also currently open for the second class. The program will run May through July with selected startups co-locating in the Starter Studio accelerator space. In addition, the curriculum will include weekly mentoring opportunities, guest speakers, introductions and advice from past startups and community business people.

Check back to follow the accelerator’s success, startup coverage and demo day plans.