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Orlando Healthcare IT Company Can Help Prevent Surgical Errors

Orlando-based company, The Garage, unveils one of the world’s first hands-free, fully integrated and interactive tools for the OR.

Surgical errors occur more than 4,000 times a year in the United States. The types of errors vary from leaving foreign objects inside patients, performing the wrong surgery to even operating on the wrong part of the body. The Garage, a leader in health IT innovation, will be unveiling a new instrument that can surely put a halt to these. The name of the tool: AiR.

Debuting today at the 2014 Annual HIMSS Conference & Exhibition, AiR is one of the world’s first hands-free, fully integrated and interactive solutions designed to prevent wrong-site/wrong-side surgery and related surgical errors. This new tool can increase patient satisfaction, efficiency within the operation room, and enable healthcare teams to perform quality and safe surgeries.

“Everyone benefits: surgical teams can conduct procedures with ease and confidence, while healthcare organizations protect patients, comply with industry regulations, and reduce the potential risks and costs associated with wrong-site/wrong-side surgeries and related surgical ‘never events’,” stated Pranam Ben, the founder and CEO of The Garage.

A true game-changer for the medical professional, AiR has been designed for easy and notable display in the OR to allow for all the staff to view it. More about AiR.

The Garage will showcase AiR at HIMSS14 on February 24-27 at the Orange County Convention Center. The exhibit is expected to bring 37,000+ healthcare industry professionals together.