New simulation program will prepare teachers before stepping foot into the classroom

TeachLivE by the University of Central Florida is teaching educators the skills required through simulated training.

The classroom can be an unpredictable place for a teacher, which is why the University of Central Florida is helping them prepare with a new simulation software called TeachLivE.

Relying heavily on animated cartoons, TeachLivE recreates scenarios an educator may encounter in the midst of a lesson. Although some have argued this simulation is a bit “far-fetched”, the idea closely resembles other simulation training programs already in existence, such as nursing students who use mannequins to refine care-taking skills, doctors using simulators to learn surgical techniques and pilots practicing in simulated cockpits. TeachLivE would give this same benefit to educators.

The scenarios created in the program may range from rude student behaviors to full out rebellions. Through this program, educators are offered a risk-free approach to learning the ins and outs of the classroom without placing any students in danger. This tool could become fundamental for teachers to master their craft, helping sharpen the education profession.

While the price is a bit steep for some school districts to implement, a few Volusia County educators have already tried TeachLivE as a part of a pilot program. After yielding positive results, the district is now considering using a variation of the software in its regular training.

Additionally, UCF is working with Volusia County schools to create three to five-minute long videos using the simulator’s animated characters. The videos will consist of voice-overs that will simulate weak approaches and offer examples of better practices. The county will be the first to use this form of TeachLivE.

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