GE’s relocation: Why Florida was the best choice

GE’s relocation to Clearwater may bring up to 200 new jobs to the region.

General Electric announced last fall that they would be moving to the Sunshine State, bringing more than 200 new jobs to Clearwater. Beginning in the fourth quarter, the electric company will provide a substantial number of jobs, along with a $49 million expansion. Although GE has had a rich and long history in their previous facility in New York, the benefits and workforce of Florida was an offer the company couldn’t refuse.

In a statement, GE Energy Management said plans for the Clearwater facility will be a “center for excellence to leverage Clearwater’s expertise in manufacturing and design engineering, promote innovation, maximize efficiencies, simplify operations, and become more cost competitive.”

This isn’t the first time companies have preferred Florida when compared to the northeast. With Florida’s right to work status, business friendly tax structure, business climate and reasonable cost of living, more northern companies are migrating to the state. Florida is well positioned for further growth in 2014.

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