Embry-Riddle installs the largest university research telescope in Florida

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University invests $1 million to purchase telescope to expand astronomy programs.

Last week, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, installed a $1 million telescope at its Daytona Beach campus. The telescope makes Embry-Riddle the home to the state’s largest university research telescope.

The 16-foot-tall, 2-ton telescope could be a game changer for the school’s physical science department, specifically within their astronomy programs. University officials hope that the addition of the new equipment, as well as the new astronomy major they plan to launch in the next few semester, will help attract more students to their campus.

The telescope will allow students and faculty to observe the surface of Mars, the moons around Jupiter and the rings of Saturn as well as other objects in space.

Additionally, Dr. Terry Oswalt, the new chair of Embry-Riddle’s Physical Sciences Department, says the new telescope will allow for further research into topics like identifying potentially hazardous asteroids and comets, the ages and evolution of stars, the large-scale structure of galaxies, and planets outside our solar system.

Complementing the telescope will be the addition of a new bachelor’s degree in astronomy and astrophysics this August. However, the private school plans to share the new device with more than its 5,000 students in Daytona. Embry-Riddle is preparing to invite the community to explore the wonderful sights there are in space later this year.

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