Q&A With USF President Dr. Judy Genshaft

Proudest achievement?

There are many. I don’t know if one stands out. Overall, as I look at the University of South Florida, I see such great advancement. We’re now up in the rankings so high, and I’m very proud in all that we’ve accomplished.”


What is your perspective of preeminence?

“We are just going to keep our institution focused, moving forward and bringing all of our measured areas toward the American Association of Universities’ eligibility standards.”


Your thoughts about the Florida High Tech Corridor Council?

“The Florida High Tech Corridor Council has been very helpful in making sure that this whole region—Tampa, Orlando and Gainesville—brings new industry in and helps to grow current industry. It’s been a very, very positive move economically and entrepreneurially for the state of Florida.”


More about USF on the international front (aside from what is mentioned in the print article):

“USF does much research internationally. International research going on in juvenile diabetes, or type 1, throughout the world, with studies developed at USF. We have also been involved with global water issues and malaria.

“One half of USF’s faculty does international research. Most of that research is funded by outside sources, like firms or federal funds. There is just a tremendous amount of synergy around the world.”


What has been the most gratifying?

My favorite events are graduation—when students reach their goal. Also, we will be celebrating in coming year the achievement of a fundraising goal of $600 million [capital campaign]. We celebrate each time we achieve these goals that we put in front of us. But then we know there’s always another one behind that, which we will have to strive for and reach. That’s the way life is, and that’s how we get better. Never give up; always move forward.”


What is something that people do not know about you?

“I love to zip line. I’ve zip lined across Victoria Falls in Africa. And in Alaska. That is really, really fun.”