Seeds and Incentives

With a new seed capital program and revenue incentive patent cost sharing, the University of South Florida is going to the … entrepreneurs.

The Seed Capital Accelerator Program for Tampa Bay Technology Incubator-affiliated companies was established to support and provide funds to new and existing startups that were formed from the licensing of USF technologies. The program provides up to $50,000 of funding, based on meeting specific criteria.

“This innovative program can help early-stage companies grow their business and succeed, while also providing a positive economic impact for Florida,” comments Paul R. Sanberg, USF senior vice president for research and innovation.

The Revenue Incentive program, one of the firstofitskind among U.S. universities, is a one-year pilot program to provide researchers with the opportunity to increase their share of income generated from the licensing of their inventions.

Inventors who participate will pay a portion of the direct costs incurred by the university for protecting, maintaining, licensing, and preserving the invention’s patent rights. In exchange, inventors will receive additional revenue from the licensing of their inventions.