Orlando business brand

Orlando’s New Branding Campaign

“Orlando. You don’t know the half of it.” If you’re an out-of-state decision maker, that’s likely the case, according to an Orlando economic development campaign unveiled in December.

Designed to attract corporate relocation and expansion, the campaign touts the area by showcasing local businesses and industries, along with infrastructure and quality of life. The campaign also plays off Orlando’s popularity as a tourist destination. The idea is that many corporate execs and site selectors nationwide don’t know the full scope of the city’s offerings. The campaign is a way to both demystify and alter perceptions.

The Metro Orlando Economic Development Commission has led the branding effort, which will commence in January. One preliminary design features a medical professional with a tagline of “Fantasy, meet reality.” Another tagline, “Our home is more than our castle,” is paired with a picture of an office building. Reportedly, $14 million could be spent over the next three years on the campaign, with more than one-third coming from public agencies.

Editor’s note: Stay tuned for more extensive coverage of this branding campaign.