Electric Cars, Orlando’s Newest Thrill Ride for Rent

Calling all tourists. A creative partnership of Orlando’s leading rental agency, top hotels and major attractions has resulted in Drive Electric Orlando—a first-of-its-kind electric car rental initiative that gives Orlando visitors yet another experience in the Sunshine State.

With an extensive network of partners and more than 300 electric charging stations throughout the region, Drive Electric Orlando offers a seamless journey from the rental counter to the theme park to the hotel and everywhere in between.

“With more than 57 million visitors annually and one of the largest charging networks in the country, Orlando is the ideal location for the Drive Electric project,” describes Robbie Diamond, president and CEO of the Electrification Coalition, which is leading the Drive Electric Orlando effort. “Where better to introduce Americans to the electric car than North America’s leading travel destination and the world’s largest rental car market?”

For families, Drive Electric Orlando is an opportunity to enjoy fun, quiet and convenient transportation without having to stop at the gas station, according to officials. For business travelers and those attending Orlando conventions, it’s an opportunity to try something environmentally forward-thinking, cost-effective and efficient.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car—the Drive Electric Orlando car rental partner—is renting Nissan LEAF plug-in electric vehicles at its Orlando International Airport location. All renters receive brief tutorials on the operation of the vehicles and the use of charging stations. Most travelers, however, may never need to find a charging station. Several hotel partners offer free re-charging for Drive Electric Orlando participants along with valet parking service. The Orange County Convention Center also offers several free charging stations for meeting attendees.

“Launching America’s first-ever, large-scale fleet of electric rental cars is more than just a way to offer our visitors something they can’t experience anywhere else,” says Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs. “It’s a groundbreaking step in making sure that we are not just the world’s premier vacation destination, but also the world’s premier green destination.”