Batteries included: Mesdi Systems Inc. brings innovation

By virtue of an agreement with UCF, student led Mesdi Systems Inc. now has the tools it needs to reach new product markets.

The University of Central Florida has signed a license agreement with an award-winning, student-led company looking to expand the market for its spray-on battery coatings.

Mesdi Systems Inc. specializes in the production and implementation of advanced spray equipment used to manufacture nanomaterials and ultra-thin coatings. The agreement gives Mesdi the tools it needs to scale up manufacturing of its proprietary battery coating to include new markets, such as glass used in building construction, according to Svetlana Shtrom, director of technology commercialization at UCF.

Mesdi’s innovative nozzles and proprietary spray coating, Nanostorm ™, enable vacuum coating of almost any nanoparticle on a large scale with precision and little waste.

Mesdi President Brandon Lojewski developed the idea for the tool while working as a research assistant in his professor’s laboratory. Weiwei Deng, assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, and Lojewski formed the company and won $10,000 in the Department of Energy-sponsored Megawatt Ventures competition to develop the product. Mesdi went on to win $100,000 in the DOE National Clean Energy Business Plan Competition last year and has recently opened a manufacturing center in Brevard County.